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Some People Pay to Operate Heavy Machinery

Posted by IronPlanet on Oct 14, 2016 11:18:00 AM

Combine during harvestEver wonder what it's like to climb into a shiny combine on a crisp October day and just harvest some corn? 

Unusual, yes, but there are enough people with this very wish on their bucket list for a business to spring up around it. Extreme Sandbox, the business that lets people operate real excavators and bulldozers, has branched out into farm equipment. For a limited time beginning about now through mid-November, clients can drive a brand-new Lexion 730 Combine and other tractors during a real harvest, gathering real corn and soybeans. during their Extreme Harvest event.


It may sound a little like Huck Finn and the old picket fence trick, but there is a bigger picture here. CEO and founder Randy Stenger said that, like giving people an appreciation for the industry through operating heavy building equipment, driving a combine would likewise create an understanding for the work of farmers. "No one really gets to experience the machines; being in the field hands-on. What a cool way to see what it’s like while also bringing some deserved attention to those that help us put food on the table.”

We're in favor of anything that gets people into heavy equipment, and if a newfound understanding of a different way of work happens, we call that a big win-win.



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