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IronPlanet's Matt Ackley Talks Data with Construction Equipment Guide

Posted by IronPlanet on Mar 24, 2017 6:00:00 AM

'Good Data' Works Well for IronPlanet's Latest Ventures in Digital Marketplace




Good data is as good as gold for any online business to be successful.


Matt Ackley of IronPlanet knows this and has made it his mission to ensure his company and its customers — bidders — know exactly what they're seeing and bidding on, as well as IronPlanet knowing exactly how equipment is selling.


Prior to joining IronPlanet as the company's chief marketing officer, Ackley owned a similar business and sold it to eBay. Subsequently, he went to work for eBay, and then Google. For the past eight months, he's brought his Web prowess and considerable marketing talents to IronPlanet. Specifically, Ackley is working hard to apply technology and online digital marketing to drive global buying action by helping to create new cutting-edge buying and selling platforms for IronPlanet.


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