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IronPlanet's Randy Berry Featured in Equipment Today

Posted by IronPlanet on Aug 24, 2016 12:35:50 PM

Can Telematics Data Impact Construction Equipment's Resale Value?



Anyone who has purchased pre-owned equipment can relate to the anxiety of the unknown. Was the equipment maintained properly? How hard was it used? Is it reliable, or does it have a long history of repairs? Has it ever suffered catastrophic damage that could affect future performance?


Many of these questions can be addressed through proper documentation. But maintaining those records can prove challenging, and wading through a stack of work orders may still not provide a complete picture. The emergence of telematics systems promises to solve such dilemmas by providing detailed information on machine utilization, maintenance and repairs in an easier to use format.


Well-documented machines are not necessarily the norm. “Complete maintenance records are not as common as one might think, and telematics can certainly help streamline the process,” says Randy Berry, senior vice president, operations and services, IronPlanet. “Integrating telematics with a maintenance management program enables contractors to easily store their maintenance plans and records in one location.


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