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IronPlanet Honors its Vets: Insights from Men Who Served

Posted by IronPlanet on Nov 8, 2016 2:21:00 PM

Honoring All Who ServedIn observance of Veteran's Day, the IronPlanet blog will feature veterans who have returned from wartime service in the United States military and now work at or with GovPlanet. The aim of these interviews is to learn about the military experience from the people who were there. IronPlanet thanks those who participated in this project for their opinions and their service to our country.

 A portion of the proceeds from GovPlanet's all-Humvee sale on November 15 will go to Fisher House Foundation, an organization that provides comfort homes to vets' families while their loved ones receive treatment.



Senior Vice President JEFF HOLMES began his Army career at the end of Vietnam. He served the Cold War in Europe with the US Army and British Army, and supported Desert Storm/Shield and Operations Just Cause. Jeff was a Lieutenant Colonel; he enlisted on an ROTC scholarship

What was your Military Occupational Specialty? 
Armor Officer, Strategist, Logistics and Warranted Acquisition Officer.

What are the positive things the military did for you, and how did it shape who you are today? 
It honed my leadership, mentorship, and organizational abilities. The varied background provided a solid base to build Commercial Quals.

What would you tell a young person thinking about enlisting? 
It's a great way to mature, build skills and background, and learn to work with others.

How can we as civilians support our troops? 
Hire more vets.



Philip Hasty

Manager PHILIP HASTY, Sergeant First Class, was in Operation RESTORE DEMOCRACY (Haiti 1994/95), two tours ISO Iraqi Freedom - in Iraq for 16 months from 2005-2006, and again for 12 months from 2008-2009. He also did one tour ISO Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan, from 2011-2012. A life in the military created the basis of Philip's view of the rest of the world. His career spanned 22 years, beginning at 17 years old. "The only world view I have ever known was based on my service," he said. 

What was your Military Occupational Specialty? 
96B/35F All Source Intelligence Analyst/Sergeant

Why did you enlist? 
Discipline and career.

What awards did your earn? 
1 x Bronze Star, 2 x Meritorious Service Medal, 7 x Army Commendation Medal, 4 x Army Achievement Medal, 1 x NATO Medal, 11 x Overseas Service Medal

What are the positive things the military did for you, and how did it shape who you are today? 
Provided purpose, direction, and motivation, along with a sense of duty and discipline. The Army taught me to manage my emotions and make decisions based on logic and reason.

What would you tell a young person thinking about enlisting?
Talk to a recruiter from every branch, do your own research, and choose the branch and, if able, military specialty that will help you obtain your ultimate goal.

How can we as civilians support our troops?
Understand that not everyone in a uniform is a Hard Charging No Nonsense Killing Machine, there are hundreds of jobs and specialties outside of the combat arms fields that have nothing to do with the Infantry.  While all soldiers are trained in basic infantry skills and are considered warfighters first, the vast majority are Combat Support Personnel which includes administrative, communications, IT/Networking, Supply, Mechanics, Medical personnel, etc.


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