John Deere Expands TimberMatic™ Maps and TimberManager™ Technology Solutions

Posted by IronPlanet on Sep 5, 2019 6:24:00 PM

John Deere recently announced a massive expansion to their TimberMaticTM Maps and TimberManagerTM productivity solutions, which will now include full-tree equipment like feller bunchers, skidders, wheeled and tracked harvesters, forwarders and swing machines. Building upon their established foundation in the space, John Deere hopes these additions will bring the productivity and safety benefits of their management solutions to a whole new set of customers in the logging industry.


With TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager, users can expect a feature-rich offering that covers both on-the-ground workers and off-site managers. As the name implies, TimberMatic Maps is all about designing, editing and updating shared maps on your area of operations. The system allows for a wide selection of map creation options ranging from loading in satellite imagery to creating hand drawn maps, making the platform adaptable to your specific needs. In addition, loggers can individually add items of interest to their digital maps in real time through TimberManager, like lines, points and designated areas.


Speaking of which, TimberManager focuses on the productivity side of the equation by using a system of on-board sensors and GPS technology to keep track of every piece of relevant equipment on the worksite. From the comfort of an office computer, or while on-the-go with a mobile device, managers can check in remotely to evaluate job progress as it is happening and gain valuable insights into ongoing operations. Workers on the ground can simultaneously utilize the system to track their own work, coordinate with other machines to prevent accidents and automatically see how much wood is left on the ground as well.


Combined, the two products work to increase synergy throughout an organization and streamline communication. Since workers and managers can simply refer to the continuously updated system rather than verify everything independently, TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager promise to facilitate a tighter workforce and a well-informed management team.


According to John Deere, feedback so far has been extremely positive. Those on the new system already report noticeable increases in productivity from the streamlining of these routine tasks, such as examining daily progress or conducting safety awareness by eye. Logging managers especially approve of the unique ability to see where each piece of equipment is and how much progress has been made at any time, and from any location.


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