Marketplace-E’s Top-5 biggest ticket items sold in 2019.

Posted by IronPlanet on Jan 14, 2020 1:44:37 PM

Last year Marketplace-E helped customers all around the world buy and sell thousands of equipment items, trucks and other assets through daily online listings. Marketplace-E lets you buy equipment when you need it, either by making an offer or purchasing at a Buy Now price. It’s convenient, online and works on your schedule.

Want to see some of the top sellers from the past year, and how much these items sold for? Check out our Top-5 big ticket items sold at Marketplace-E in 2019, and don’t forget you can always access selling prices when you create a free account.

1. Unused 2014 Combifloat C901 Adjustable Platform Barge – US$5.88 million



The top seller on Marketplace-E in 2019 really made a splash. It was an Unused 2014 Combifloat C901 Adjustable Platform Barge located in the United Arab Emirates. It sold for close to $6 million to a buyer from Chile.

2. P&H 4100C Boss Rope Shovel – US$3.1 million



When you have a really big job to do, this Boss Rope Shovel, located in North Carolina, can handle a titanic load. It sold for over US$3 million last March to a buyer from the United States.

3. 2012 Favelle Favco M1280E Hydraulic Luffing Tower Crane – US$2.2 million



Coming in at No. 3 was a piece of equipment with a sky-high price. This 2012 Favelle Favco M1280E Hydraulic Luffing Tower, located in New Jersey, commanded an impressive US$2.2 million. The buyer was from Australia.

4. Three 2012 (unverified) Caterpillar 785D Off-Road End Dump Truck – $5.25 million



We sold three Caterpillar 785D off-road rock trucks for $1.75 million each. They were located in Gulfport, Mississippi. Rock on!

5. Twin RexCon Model S Drum Mix Concrete Plants – US$1.05 million



You might not need a concrete mixing plant, but someone does. Case in point: this Twin RexCon Model S Drum Mix Concrete Plants, located in Jenkinsville, South Carolina, was sold for US$1.05 million to a local buyer.

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