Roundup: Construction News You Can Use for the Week of October 21st

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Welcome to our weekly news roundup! Considering our featured stories are centered around several big successes and innovations in the construction industry, we’ll be learning from some of the best in the business this week. Top stories include New Mexico topping the nation in energy efficient job growth, highlights of an effective playbook for drawing young people to construction work and the results of the Nevada Contractors Association's Contractor of the Year Awards. Read ahead for the full reports:


New Mexico Leads Nation in Energy Efficient Job Growth

U.S. News

A new report shows that New Mexico saw the largest growth of energy efficient jobs nationwide throughout 2018, leading all thirteen states with over 5% growth at 11.6%. Many of these jobs have been created in the construction industry where buildings are being retrofitted to become more efficient. The recent success has been contributed to partnerships between the state’s largest electric utility and cities which have pushed the development of solar-powered projects. Composing 28% of all jobs in the energy sector already, energy efficient jobs are expected to grow at an impressive 7.8% in 2019. State leaders from both the private and public sector hope the investments in energy efficient technology will provide a boost to the economy and make New Mexico a more attractive, prosperous location.


AI, AR and 5G Will Change Construction Industry Forever: Hainsworth

Daily Commercial News

Forecasts from the CanaData conference in Toronto have emphasized the importance of several key technology innovations that are likely to make huge impacts on the construction industry. Part of what is being commonly referred to as “Industry 4.0”, Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and 5G are some of the tools being employed today which experts suggest will be around for the long term. Executive producer of Futurithmic and former BNN senior anchor Michael Hainsworth provided several examples: the elimination of physical blueprints in favor of digitally projected holograms from inside glasses, remote control operation of key equipment and the use of artificial intelligence to check the quality of welds.


Mechanical Exoskeleton Eases Strain of Overhead Work

Engineering News-Record

As we’ve reported on before, overhead work can lead to chronic health problems if performed incorrectly or over extended periods of time. Levitate’s Airframe exoskeleton is unique in that it specializes in overhead work as opposed to most exoskeletons which focus primarily on lifting. Although the exoskeleton is primarily used in the manufacturing industry, the company’s team anticipates the device to get more use protecting the spines, necks and backs of construction workers in coming years.


Survey Reveals Industry Firm’s Optimism, Challenges

DJC Oregon

Concerns surveyed from nearly 800 construction professionals across the Pacific Northwest are providing interesting insights into the challenges facing the industry. Top issues in the report include environmental regulation at 60%, affordable housing $ rent control at 57% and taxation at 41%. Contractors point to a new law passed this summer, which forces the use of newer diesel engines in order to reduce emissions. While confidence in the market remains, some worry the increased costs due to government policy will contribute to a leveling off of growth.


CPS, Construction Industry See Success With ‘Different Way of Doing Workforce Development”

Cincinnati Business Courier

Non-profit Allied Construction Industries has laid out a new model for fostering interest in construction with today’s youth. Using a grant of over $100,000, the organization has partnered with Cincinnati's Woodward Career Technical High School to demonstrate their process. Allied Construction Industries promotes three key deliverables: creating a community build project, certifying the program as a pre-apprenticeship program with the state of Ohio, and developing a project-based learning curriculum. With 2,500 kids enrolled who have seen increased scores in key subjects like math, the program has been quite a success!


Celebrating the Winners of the 2019 Contractor of the Year Awards

Las Vegas Sun

We know there are many amazing contractors around the country. Today, the Nevada Contractors Association recognizes just a few of them with their Contractor of the Year Awards, which acknowledges the best of the best throughout their state. Categories include “General Contractor of the Year,” “Safest General Contractor of the Year” and “Diverse General Contractor the Year.” Read on for the full reports on these industry leaders through the link provided.


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