Roundup: Construction News You Can Use for the Week of September 30th

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It may be the end of the week, but things are just getting started with the next installment of our trusted news roundup! This week comes to a close with some great stories including important changes to Pennsylvania's hiring laws, reports of sustained economic growth in civil construction and a positive look at women making big moves in the construction world. Read ahead for the complete scoops: 


Autocar Launches Two Construction Truck Models

Heavy Duty Trucking

While competition has been heating up in truck industry, many will be excited to see Autocar launch two brand new construction truck models in 2020. First up is the DC-64M designed for concrete mixers, followed by the DC-64P which is built for concrete pump applications. Autocar is pitching these new releases as a culmination of years of research and development, with productivity, safety and durability improvements being among the most impressive features. The new models will also come with Autocar's 'Always Up' display, which will provide operators with important metrics and possible maintenance solutions. 


Pennsylvania Expands E-Verify Rules in Construction Industry

CBS Pittsburgh 

Take notice construction professionals in the Keystone State! A new bill expected to be signed into law will compel construction employees working on public projects over $25,000 to register through a federal E-Verify database. The new law is intended to crack down on undocumented immigrants working in the region. Employers who do not comply with the law will face a suspension of their business license after repeat offenses. 


New Wave of Women in Construction are Creating a Community and a Future for Themselves 

The Roanoke Times

We often talk about the labor shortage in the construction industry and how women will play a key role in filling in the gaps. Those looking for inspiration should take notes from female construction professionals in the Washington D.C. area like Angela Cacace, who has started an online trend promoting women in construction. Led by the hashtag #MoveOverBob, these women are not only making a statement about joining the construction industry themselves but rallying other women with an interest in construction to come together to achieve their dreams. As both a contractor and a mom, Angela is setting a great example for other women looking to jump in and get to work! 


Sustainability Expectations Rising in the Construction Industry

Sustainable Brands

Industry experts argue that multi-dimensional demand from both clients and the public at large are pushing the construction industry into greener territory. Key areas open for innovation include energy consumption, material & water use, waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable Brands argues that companies looking to stay relevant should consider investing in these key areas to meet growing demands for more environmentally friendly construction practices. For another take on the situation, view our recent blog on how concrete is moving in the right direction.


Civil Construction Equipment Industry Thrives in Face of Slowing Economy 

Freight Waves

Manufacturers of civil construction equipment are seeing no signs of slowdown despite weak economic signals in other areas of the industry. Increased demand for weather-related maintenance and 5G fiber-optic infrastructure are among the leading drivers for the sustained economic growth. In addition, optimism remains high for a large-scale infrastructure spending bill from the United States Congress which will create an even bigger boom for business if passed. While some expect a delay for the infrastructure package until after the 2020 election, most civil construction professionals feel confident they'll have plenty of work to last throughout the year.  


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