Roundup: Construction News You Can Use for the Week of September 9th

Posted by IronPlanet on Sep 12, 2019 6:38:04 PM

Another week, another round of important news from the construction industry! Today we have several critical stories to share with you, including the passage of a new bill in California set to change the classification of independent contractors, a postponement of major alterations to value added tax laws in the UK, and the creation of a new certification program for concrete pump operators in Canada. Read on for the full stories!  


Bamboo Lights a Fire Under Australian Construction Industry 

Tech Xplore

Students at the University of Queensland are exploring new ways to employ bamboo as a major construction resource. On top of unique features like fire resistance and strong mechanical properties, researchers argue that bamboo is a superior renewable resource to timber and can help play a part in solving climate related issues. 


California Bill Means ‘End for Independent Trucking’ in State

Heavy Duty Trucking

According to recent reports, a new bill recently passed by the California State Senate is expected to drastically change laws regarding independent owner-operator truckers in the state. If signed by the governor, opponents say the new legislation will essentially eliminate the status of independent contractors in the trucking industry as they currently exist. But don’t expect the bill to go through without a fight -- those involved expect legal backlash to follow. 


BCCSA Launches First Concrete Pump Operator Program 

Journal of Commerce  

British Columbia has taken the first steps in North America to regulate the competence of concrete pump operators -- one of the industry’s most dangerous positions. The certification will consist of both a written and practical portion, and will need to be retaken every five years to re-certify. Several major construction associations have applauded the news and suggested that this will be a milestone legislation people will look back on in the future with pride.      


Tiny Houses, Huge Opportunity: Baltimore’s Civic Works Trains Young Adults in Construction

The Baltimore Sun

Capitalizing on growing interest in sustainable living, Baltimore’s Civic Works has taken it upon themselves to create a new jobs training program that teachers young adults the fundamentals of construction through building tiny houses. Although much progress needs to be made when it comes to the widespread adoption and legal acceptance of tiny houses, particularly in urban areas, leaders hope that the project will lead to greater awareness, all in combination with providing an excellent opportunity for young people looking to get into construction. For those interested, the tiny houses can be purchased directly from Civic Works.   


This New Software is Solving Problems Common to the Construction Industry


A new project management tool called Glaass is making a splash with its refined approach to sharing information. Built with the technophobic workforce of the construction industry in mind, Glaass promises to be an easy-to-use product that fits into any organization. Already employed in several major firms, those using the software touted its ability to send, view and create reports on the fly through any smartphone. 


Government Announced 12 Month Delay to VAT Reforms


A fast-approaching deadline for changes to the UK’s value added tax law has been postponed for an entire year. This news should come at great relief to those in the construction sector whom have been worried about these new changes. As we reported before, leading indicators suggested that a plurality of construction industry professionals were generally not well informed about the change, and so were very much unprepared. 

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